Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

IMG_20150612_123753Father’s Day – rapidly past 23 years flashed into my mind, I could now understand the meaning of my father’s aspirations. I now take meaning of whatever decisions my dad was taking in the past in view of his goals of making us (his children) successful in life similar to him, or maybe more. Recalling Daddy’s beautiful heart and gentleness, my dad loves us with absolutely no boundaries. For the past years, he made sure to have met every need that our family have had and is just selfless when it comes to us.

I admire daddy for greatly loving my grandma (his mom) and for still holding himself responsible for watching over her among 3 of his other siblings. Next, he never argue with mommy. He’s faithful and is the sweetest husband known from his random ways of surprises and pa-flowers, with or without occasion (Lucky!). I admire his manner of listening to what everyone has to say and calmly takes it all in to consideration. He’s the one who readily listens to my troubles and concerns every time. He even schedules coffee or dinner dates with just me to carry a conversation. He’s the peacemaker,  mediator, and the “go-between” to every single drama we had as a family. He knows how to let off disappointments fast and without difficulty. He takes no malice, and nags no issue about other people.

IMG_20150612_123324Also, my dad bears long hours of traveling to and from work. Rain or shine, you wouldn’t hear him complain. It’s as if it is easy to set forth manila-laguna-manila everyday, when it’s actually not and exhausting. Just because “it’s never home without us, and it’s never rest without seeing us.” — were pretty much his reason.

I’m several countries away from home and I’m missing my dad a whole heap. I miss him being always on the beam for histories, discoveries, mysteries, and documentaries. His love for combat and battle movies. I miss him calling me “the clever girl” or his “cute little baby girl” (which obviously does not demarcate my height). I miss how we sing along to David Pomeranz back when I was a kid and that all Pomeranz’s hits, now holds a special place in my heart. Love how it reminds me of my dad and the little me singing with just sando and undies. I miss his made up games called “Timber” and “Cross-X” where endings would always be him tickling us (my younger brother and I) to hysterics. Hehe good times!

Truth be told, I was blessed with a hero, and I call him DAD. Happy happy Father’s day, Daddy! Praying for your good health always. I miss you and I love you infinitely!!!

“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of songs.” , Pam Brown

Thank you for taking the time to read!


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