What I miss about my service, the church, and our community.

The whys and wherefores of what I miss about my service, the church, and our community, and the parts I look back fondly on- choral singing, the feeling of connection and common purpose, the heart that is always left with wanting to be a better person, and a close knit youth group.

I miss singing with a bundle of heads that are as passionate as you, the random chants before and after rehearsals, singing numerous pieces we learnt together, and the teeny vocal fights each section will get into just to get the sought after harmony. The afternoon rehearsals, and the anxiety we get from a certain portion of the music sheets. The butterflies in our stomachs day before the competition, and the panicky last minute errands. Then comes placing our utmost trust into the hands of our conductor- may it be for a regular or high mass, exposures or competition. Then the jubilation, euphoria, and the joyousness after triumph! All for the glory of God. *praises, yells, whistles, and cheers!*

CDSJ blog I miss the missions of helping the needy, the bible studies, and worship nights. The church meetings to accomplish our God-given purposes, and the innervation I get from the activities by which we ought to praise Him. The assemblies in which members can teach and exhort one another, and the pleasure of being exhausted from willingly doing preparations to preparations in pursuance of wanting to serve Him- the sweat, (at times) tears, and the dedication we put into this particular calling.

With these said, I am greatly indebted to my parents for raising me with such sense of duty and values like theirs. For allowing me to get along and embrace a surrounding of compassionate people- from Kids For Christ, to Youth For Christ, to Youth Ministry, now onto Singles For Christ. What an honor to know that He grants us the privilege to be His hands and feet. SJP activities A close-knit youth group, the Saint Joseph Parish Youth Ministry! where I, we, learned our driving efforts to foster spiritual maturity, a heart of fire for both fun and faith. I miss the activities that has been hugely transformative for us youth leaders and the larger church. The youth ministry whose focus is conjointly education and entertainment. These youth leaders possessing magnetic charisma that drew young people in, closer to God, and still hold them entertained, all at the same time.

I miss us growing together like siblings, multiplying over time with growing spiritual lives, and actively equipping new joined minors, teens, and young adults, for adulthood- an adulthood engaged in joining the world purposefully through their deep love for our Creator. Ah! God knows how much I miss these hyper actives- Jhanna, Abigail, Daniela, Wilfred, Francesca, Jectofer, Luis, Jomar, Joseph, Abby, Victoria, Marnell, and (before we even get weepy) everyone else in core group and the new babies- the new good pieces we have gained over the past years. Way too many, how blessed! SJYM

I probably won’t ever know what impact these missions have caused to some, but I do know that this service has been well worth it.

 “Faithful servants never retire. You can retire from your career, but you will never retire from serving God.”

Thank you for taking the time to read!


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